InterIMAP is an IMAP client library written in C# targeting the .NET 2.0 framework. It originally started off as an article written by Rohit Joshi which can be found here:


  • Complete Asynchronous communications with configurable number of connections
  • Caching of folder and message data for offline viewing (coming soon)
  • Save message as EML file (coming soon)
  • Save message as XML file (coming soon)
  • Ability to download raw message data (coming soon)
  • Create/Delete Folders (coming soon)
  • Delete Messages
  • Easily check for new messages
  • Mark as message new/read
  • Copy/Move messages (coming soon)
  • Ability to submit requests synchronously if required (will block calling thread until request is complete)
  • Solution includes these sample/test projects:
    • WinForms Test App
    • IMAPShell - Console based interactive 'shell' style program for interacting with the IMAP server
    • WinForms Configuration Editor
    • Console Test (deprecated)
    • Console config generator (deprecated)

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