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IMAPSearchQuery issue

Mar 2, 2011 at 5:11 PM


I have following code:

IMAPConfig config = new IMAPConfig("xxx", "xxx", "xxx", false, true, "xxx");
IMAPClient mailClient = new IMAPClient(config, null, 1);

IMAPFolder inboxFolder = mailClient.Folders["INBOX"];
IMAPMailAddress address = new IMAPMailAddress();
address.Address = ">";

IMAPSearchQuery query = new IMAPSearchQuery();
IMAPSearchResult sResult = inboxFolder.Search(query);

The IMAPSearchResult is being empty. We were previously connecting to Exchange 2007 and it worked correctly but now connecting to Exchange 2010 it does not seem to work. Any suggestions? Do I have to call a different method to do that? The problem seems to be when trying to do a Search using the From value.

I do a search and it does not return values when migrated to Exchange 2010. We received values correctly when using Exchange 2007.

Waiting for your kind help.


Jun 22, 2011 at 5:26 PM

Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to test this library against Exchange 2010 see what differences exist between 2010 and 2007. I am considering a major overhaul of the library to remove the old synchronous code, simplify the API, and update it to use at least .NET 3.5, if not 4.0